I’d ask you to hang out with us, but you’re not supposed to see me this way.”
I am tempted to ask him why he wants me to hang out with him, but I suspect the answer has something to do with the bottle in his hand.
“What way?” I ask. “Drunk?”
“Yeah…well, no.” His voice softens. “Real, I guess.

Divergent (Veronica Roth)

Tris and Four

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The girl you’re in love with says that one of her biggest fears is having sex with you

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For anyone who doesn’t know, there are plans for a divergent movie to be released in 2015. It is being produced by Summit who also produced all the twilight movies.





Please excuse me as I jump off a cliff.

I’m sorry but after watching the first movie, Twilight, I lost faith in Summit altogether. I can’t even…. If they cast shitty actors like they did for Twilight, I will kill everyone I know.

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”~~**OMGZ TRIS IS SO MEEE!!11!!!*~~”


Over half the Divergent fandom can relate, as well. It’s no shock that we are all similar to Tris. What can we say? She’s sensible, realistic, and practical. Those are natural human qualities that we all have in us.

But when you go around saying, “LOl i’m soooo tris-y. im GuNN@ find a 4 one day too.”, I kind of just want to backhand slap you into next sunday.

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